how much is it worth??????????

what do you think i can get for my 2002 xr650l with only 320 miles on it with new white brothers exhaust , renthal bar,daves mcarb mods, super moto front finder,smog removed. bike is practicly new.. what do you think i can get for it?


38-4200 ?

Did you buy that new and only drove it 320 miles in 5 years ?

I jog more then that in 5 years :busted:

Is that a Acerbis SM front fender?

Why are you selling it, too many :ride: miles on it? :lol:

I'd put the stock muffler back on and sell the WB on TT.

I normally use Nada, but the price that says is 1700-2400 which is unrealistic for that bike you could definatly get more.

How do you own a bike for 5 years with only 320 miles! Thats like 1-2 rides a year...

my buddy bought it broke his leg on it the 3rd day he had it ,had a rod put in his leg from falling over in the driveway :bonk: and he never road it again. while in the hospital he said hes getting rid of it so i thought he got rid of it. all this time it was sitting under a blanket in his garage( he was to lazy to try to sell it). when i found out he still had it i went and got it and been riding it. rides great i just dont have the time .ill never ride it.

From falling in the driveway he needed a rod in leg?

Must a been a freaky accident for something like that to happen.

Try craigslist for free why don't ya ?

yah it was a freak accident and it scared in to not riding anymore.

I have a friend in CA looking for an XR, although I think he would settle on a XL if it looked as nice as that one. PM me your contact info and I can pass it on to him if you like.


2002? Well I got bought (like today) an 2006 with 4k miles on it for $3,500. Pretty much stock. The owner did the tail light swap and the smog removeal, that's it.

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