YZ Seat Installation

Just got my Clarke YZ tank and IMS YZ seat today for my '98 WR. One problem - the mounting holes for the seat are on the bottom of the seat and my WR bolts through the fender plates to the seat. I don't remember reading any posts saying this was an issue. Did I perhaps get the wrong seat from IMS?

10 seconds after posting this it hit me what the deal was. I was so giddy about getting the stuff, I didn't think about putting it on. Plus, I'm the eternal skeptic when it comes to getting the right part the first time. Thanks anyway!

I just installed the exact combo last week. If I understand your question correctly, you need to take the seat brackets off of your WR seat (2 bolts each bracket)and screw them on to the new YZ seat.

My seat ended up with big wrinkles where it bends up onto the tank. Had to take the upholstery off, restreach and restaple on.

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