Who is a better rider?

Who is a better rider?

I've been riding motorcycles for only a few years. I am finding that I a riding faster and faster each year. I've raced a few enduros and I do OK in the B class. I think only experience will make me faster.

I've come to the conclusion that how fast you are on a motorcycle is a little misleading. Motorcycle riding and especially racing require more than just good bike handling skills.

Some of my friends ride faster than me when we are riding for fun. One guy in particular, Alan, is quite a bit faster than me but he crashes a lot more than me. I'm the type of rider that is fast, but I never feel like I'm out of control. I always know, with 98 percent confidence, that I'm going to come out of a section ok. I can't ride any faster than that. Alan rides faster than me but crashes a lot. Is he riding over his head? He gets injured or brakes a major bike part about once a month.

If you ask Alan who the better rider is, he would say he is the better rider. He can kick my butt between point A and point B and ride technical sections faster than me. But, I can ride from point A to point B without crashing and not that much slower than Alan. Plus, I too can ride the technical sections. But I might not jump over them. I might ride them slow so I don't crash.

In a race, I could beat Alan (he doesn't race) because I'm fitter and I don't crash.

One might say that I should ride faster and a little more over the edge. Well sorry but my mind isn't programmed that way. When I am in a zone, I'm on the edge in my mind. To ride faster doesn't compute.

So who is a better rider?

Alan says he's a better rider because if you pick two points a few miles apart, he can get to the end faster (if he doesn't crash). Alan has broken a lot of bones riding motorcycles.

I say I'm a better rider because I can get there only a few minutes behind Alan without crashing. And, I can finish an enduro in a faster time due to my consistancy and fitness. I've never broken a bone riding a motorcycle.

While we are talking about riding habits. Do you know someone like this?

A riding friend of mine, Brett, is the kind of guy that always jumps in front of the pack on the trail. Then he tells everyone how he is faster because he is always in the lead on rides. He doesn't bother to notice that others are either always banging on his back door trying to get by, or just plain stop so they have a gap to ride before catching up. Doesn't this drive you crazy? How do you deal with these type of riders? Put moves on them for a pass to teach them a lesson?

It's funny that people that ride like this are the guys who don't race. I'm competitive while riding with friends. But, not to the point that I'll put myself or others in danger. But in a race, anything goes. Brett is a weekend racer want-to-be.

I say you are a better rider.... And what you want to do about it depends on how much of a friendship you have with them and wether you want to maintain it or not... and for me a lot would depend on how mouthy they are about it.... But if they are always acting like they are better than you, then I would keep challenging them to show up and enter a race... I would do it over and over and start making fun of them for being wussies for not entering a race (if they were always mouthy).... Now the guy who keeps jumping in front of you when you ride so that he can act like he's the "winner" or something when he's actually going slower, him I would have a problem with.... But the first thing I would do is to just get your gear on quicker when you are getting ready to leave and make sure you don't let him leave first, then let him get up behind you and proceed to leave him behind, do this several times to make it obvious to him who's faster.... If this doesn't work and its pissing you off, you are just going to have to get aggressive and "slam pass" him to teach him a lesson.... Just keep making fun of them for not racing... sooner or later they'll take the bait, and the results of the race are proof of who is who (I beleive thats how racing got invented)... Another option is to find a better group of riding friends... Truly fast guys don't go running around shooting off their mouths like they're the Cock of the Rock, because they KNOW they are and don't have to run around telling people.


Better rider? Impossible to answer. I say ride the way that brings you the most enjoyment, being considerate of your group. I hope your friend doesn't kill himself. I'd have to go around the other guy once in a while...mostly just be glad you have people to ride with.

I liked your discriptions, we have a guy who loves to jump in the lead but he always takes wrong turns. Cracks us up. Too many drugs in his younger days. We shake our heads and go chase him down...


Define better in any situation whether it is riding or bike accessories??

He may be 'faster' than you but you probably have more 'skill' due to not crashing all the time.

Big balls are needed to go fast with lttle skill.. :)



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I think I'm faster, so there!

Everybody denies being half fast.

you can't make a rider who doesn't take risks a lot better. but a rider who takes risks will always go quicker.

tame a wild one i say!!!

he's the better rider. my 2 pence.


For us blokes that have never left the states, what does 2 pence equal in dollars and cents?


£1 is worth 1.47 dollars at the moment. 100 pence in the £. How many cents make a dollar?

I'm probably a lot like your buddy Alan. How have you never broken a bone? My bike has sent me to the hospital several times, but never during a race (knock on wood) because I try to race "within" myself. I suspect if your buddy Alan ever entered an off-road event he would be forced to do the same or flame out/crash/DNF.

But I've thought about the same issue and decided that there are two things:

Going Fast


These two things are related but not the same (esp. off-road, enduro and desert, maybe not moto). I've gotten beat by guys I was "faster" than but I'm sure that at some point, as I become a better "racer" I will beat someone who is faster than me. Since I'm always all juiced up like your buddy Alan I sometimes bonk (get tired), stall it or fall. That's when guys like you pass me (assuming I could ever get in front of you to begin with).

As for the insecure trail rider Brett, wow, what a jerk. You should probably feel sorry for the guy and find someone else to ride with. Don't sink to his level and rail him off the trail, you may end up w/ your first broken bone. I bet even if you got by him or started ahead of him and then roasted him he would probably just make an excuse as to why he couldn't catch you ("I wadded it bad dude!" or "My bike keeps stalling!" or "I lost the trail!")

I prefer to ride with guys who are faster AND better than me, I seem to improve a lot more that way, as well as give myself a better workout. There's nothing like chasing someone all day that'll make you try harder. Plus then you learn all their trails/tips/tricks etc.

So, my 2 cents, American, is that Alan is faster but you are clearly better and I'd rather be the latter.

But being lucky is better than both.

But I would have to say that, IMO, the more aggressive you ride, the quicker you improve. IF you stay healthy, that is.

Have fun!

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I say that if you are not crashing occasionally, you aren't pushing yourself enough. When you ride with guys that are faster AND better than you, you will rise to the occasion, and that taking those little risks that you normally won't take, make you a better rider.That's my theory at least, I may just be a terrible rider that's in denial!!


Denial, thats in Egypt isn't it? what are you doing der?

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100 cents makes one dollar. This is the only thing in the U.S. that looks similiar to the metric system, number wise.

Unfortunately, we really need to changeover to metric for EVERYTHING else. I don't know if it will ever happen though. I have been hearing we would go to the metric system when I was a kid, and that was over 30 years ago. Too many people resistant to change.

we went metric in 1970, the whole of continental europe has always been metric.

engineering work is done in inches. houses were imperial until recently & my gas meter was changed to metric this week!

on Jan 1 all foods had to be sold in metric but they said that neither government (police) or council would enforce it so you can still hear the cry "c'mon darling, ar bart eez apples, a pand a pand (£1 for 1LB).

all the kids leave school only knowing metric but in manual labour type work they're soon converted. it's so easy to understand that's why nobody wants to change.

i coach kids for my living & ask em to move a coupla foot that way or this. it's so easy to understand imperial (LB's & inches).

they are literally forcing us to go with metric. it's speedo's & road signs next. we're still on MPH. thing is they won't be able to creep that in-it'll be overnight & there will be a hell of a stink!!!

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