WR250 or WR426

This is a great site! You people are way more interesting than the guys I ride with.

They are always talking about their EXCs and KLXs (blue is better). I just want to see if anyone knows what the new WR250 weighs and if the power output will be simalar to my 99 WR? I'm getting a new WR in the spring :D and its a toss up because I ride mostly tight single track but in Michigan there are always whoops and if I can't loft the front end easily I might as well be riding a (gulp) :D 2-stroke. If the power output is WR400 like but not as strong I'll buy the WR250 and use the less weight as and advantage in the tight stuff (but I'll miss the POWER :) on the occational hill climb}.

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[This message has been edited by BLUE THUNDER (edited 07-14-2000).]

Yamaha quotes the *YZ250F's* weight as being 96.5 Kgs (212.6 lb's) *DRY*

So I reckon the YZ250F will be about 220 ~ 224 wet (but no fuel) then add all the other goodies that make it a WR.

Paul Card

00' 426

We need a betting pool on that weight for the WR250. My guess is 238 lbs wet, no fuel. Anybody else?

If you allow a range I'll go for 232.5 - 236.5. If no range is allowed I'll settle on 234lb's (if it's heavier it's 'cos they put grease on that *specific* bike :))


PSC come on be real we all know that Yamaha is scared to get their hands dirty during assembly' I think they do that to allow you to get more "familiar" with your bike by taking it apart just after you get it to grease everything.

Motorcycle Institute lookout. Yamaha has lots of people in training.

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