Any tips on hot starting?

My patience is starting to wear thin with my 2000 WR400F. I was in a harescrambles today and I dropped the bike. I picked it up, pulled out the hot start, didnt touch the gas and started kicking. About 50 kicks and 20 minutes later, it finally started after it cooled down and I shut off the gas. It did it again on my next lap. I was in the top 5 when it did it the first time but ended up 20th by the end of the day. I am getting very frustrated with this bike and to the point I will sell it if someone would buy the lump from me!! ($6000 CDN or approx $4300 US) What can I do so it wont flood out after a fall? I know I should have changed a plug but it still would have taken me 10-15 minutes I'm sure. THANKS!! Scotty


I've not yet had any problems with starting mine when hot, but I always give it a couple of kicks first with the decompressor pulled in just to clean it out. Usually starts first or second kick after that.


When the bike has been layed over, pick it up, pull in the decompression lever, kick rapidly 10-15 times, let go of dec. lever, find TDC, reelease kickstart, STOMP ON IT. it usually starts 1st or 2nd kick for me. Hope this helps.

Has you bike been in gear? Next time you drop your bike and are having problems starting it, shift the bike to neutral. It will take alot of the pressure off the cant hurt...


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When you are kicking it over with the decompression release in what are you doing with the throttle. No gas or full throttle as you would with a flooded car? Thanks for the advise hopefully I'll figure this pig out!!

The general consensus is no throttle when starting EVER. I agree with the above, just kick the engine through a few times with the compression pulled in, then the normal starting drill w/ hotstart on.

I haven't had this problem with my '00. Try to start it with your right hand on the brake master, away from the gas. It's easu to twist it when you don't want to.

Originally posted by mcarp:

The general consensus is no throttle when starting EVER.

If I lay my 426 over and flood it in a race I immediately:

1) Turn off pet cock :0)

2) Pick up bike

3) Pull hot start

4) Hold throttle WIDE OPEN

5) Pull comp. release and give 6-10 rapid kicks

6) Find TDC and then start it

I only do this if I know I've really flooded it. If I wad it bad and leave the bike layin' there while I get rid of cobwebs then I know the top end is filling up with fuel.

This seems to clear it up quicker than same method w/ no throttle.

One thing I have noticed is that small idle mixture changes really affect starting manners of my 426. Maybe your idle mix is too rich.

Hope this helps.

Originally posted by 2000WR400:

When the bike has been layed over, pick it up, pull in the decompression lever, kick rapidly 10-15 times, let go of dec. lever, find TDC, reelease kickstart, STOMP ON IT.

It seems to me that everyone has a variance to thier starting procedure when the bike is layed over.

I have had my 99 since it was spankin new and not once have I had to pull in the compression lever and clean it out before starting. After I dump it, I pull the hot start, find TDC, and it ALWAYS lights on the first or second kick. Never have used the compression release to clean it out. Why am I the black sheep??? :)


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

You are not the lone black sheep. I too have never had to do that until recently. One of my not so knowledgable riding (2 smoke) buddies twisted my throttle wide open a couple of times before I caught him. I was not a happy camper. I used this technique and it lit up on 2nd kick. The only other time I have had to do this is when I drowned the bike in water.

I have also been somewhat successful at running my idle a little higher than normal. I find that when I drop my bike or crash that it stays running and all I have to do is pick it up with the clutch in. Doesn't always work, but never stalls out when laying on its side on the ground. Helps in the slower corners as well.

My two cents.


99 YZ400 Stock!!


Do you idle yours a little fast too? Is it stock jetting?

Thanks for the info guys!! I am not used to these 4 strokes yet as I have only had 2 smokes in the past. I think I'm getting the hang of it now. I flooded it intentionally by cranking on the throttle a bunch of times and then tried your methods. It started on the second kick. THANKS AGAIN!! Scotty

No. I dont idle it fast. Just at normal idle and it seems to start fine. As far as the jetting I have bumped up to 180 main due to aftermarket scilencer and filter.


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

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