Next North Ca ride

Anybody interested in riding July 23/24 or July 29/30? Either Stonyford or somewhere out of Sac?

Anybody, anybody.....


Sounds great! I need to get out and

and do some riding soon.

let me know exact day you are planning on.

I can do the end of the month July 30th. Would love to do the Stoneyford thing again. Monty the trail master I am sure can show us some other great stuff if he can go. If not we still will not be disappointed. Brian have you gotten jealous yet? To bad on the house thing. Welcome to Northern Cal. where the home prices soar, but in the end I believe you will love the North State.


Mike and Brian i will be in tillmook riding on 7-22-00 thur 7-30-00 but augest sound good for a camp out or one day ride.Let me know.

thanks monty

Let's plan on July 30th at Stonyford. Same plan as last time? Bill & Kathy's Truck Stop in Dunnigan @ 7:30 am.


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Brian,Mike i'll leve oragon one day sooner and meet you in davis flats i will have my 5th wheel trailer so i will camp out there sat. night we can hook up sunday morning and go to bear creek good trails or ride letts ridge.e-mail me your home phone and i'll call when i get to stonyford and give you direction to my camp.


I think I can do this but will get back to you. Can't miss a Stoneyford ride with the Trail Master.



Mike in silcon valley can you make july 30th? and your frind will he be back by then?



Hell yes I'll be there. Luckily my oldest's daughters b-day party was rescheduled to 8-6. As for my friend Howard, he is a definate YES. I can't wait :) .

Another awesome day ahead. Monty , meeting at foutspring is great. Let me know where that is in relation to that info center that John and I staged at that we told you about, and we will meet there. I can meet with all the other guys at the restaraunt and they can follow me in to your camp site. I would assume about 9am or so. Glad you could break away from your Oregon trip early. I guess we are the lucky ones oh trail god. Looking forward to another great ride. Anyone have a digital camera to show all these other "posters" how great Stoneyford truely is?

Now Brian, don't go punking us and buy a house on that weekend. Your idea, your ride dedicated to your transfer to the good part of the state.


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Mike and others keep going up the road from the imfo. center over top of the hill and down the other side at the bottom is foutsprings go across the bridge and trun right on the road go 1/2 mile we will be on your right white ford f350 and 5th wheel patio-hauler.See you guys on the 9th 9;00am to 10;00am . :)


Brian, I am in. Lets see who else we can get and enjoy the day.


I'm in...

It's 'my' ride, I'm burned out on the house hunting thing AND I have the digital camera.

I can't wait - guess I'm gonna have to put my tall seat foam on.


I am cleared for lift off on July 30! But I hate these long countdowns -- t-minus 17 days and counting -- can't wait. Mike, can we shuttle again? If I actually arrive at your launch PAD at lift-off 0600 -- on time --(I will :)), we can make B&K by 7:00.

JUAN en Bahia Granito

John in Granite give me a call [monty] at my work 707-446-4066 i have the papper work for your bike i can fax or bring with me to stoneyford let me know.


Brian Meadows try to be at bii&kathy by 7;00am thats when they open i was thinking it was 7;30am you guys will have a 45to hour drive in to davis flats from b&k but it will be wroth it.



No problemo with the ride. Always enjoy the company. May actually have another rider with us this time. (50/50 chance anyway) more the merrier. 6am my house off Junction this time and B and K's 7 am. Hope we don't fly by it this time.

Brian, thanks for bringing the digital. It would be cool to post some pics on this site so everyone else can see this place and put a few faces with the names, unless of course some of us are really ugly, then we can just keep our helmets on and pretend to look cool.

Everyone that is going remember to bring your camel backs to stay hydrated. It will probably be warmer than last weekend and Monty takes us to places that no man or mortal has gone before. At least this group of guys. We do not see camp until the end.( what was it 400 miles :) round trip???, man my butt was sore, my knees, my arms.) :D Great way to push yourself but stay HYDRATED.



Thanks Monty you're the best. Missed you today. I will call you on Friday. Thanks!

Hey guys, I live in Reno NV. I wouldn't mind meeting you guys somewhere if that's all right. How far is where you guys are talking about away from Reno, Sacremento isn't to painful of a drive away from here. Throw me some information and I'll try to make it. Thanks. See ya later.

John Campbell

Reno NV

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