Next North Ca ride

Mike & John,

Would you guys like to meet for breakfast at Bill & Kathy's?

John Blaze the meeting point at bill&kathy truck stop is on I-5 NORTH YOU WOULD COME DOWN i-80 TO SACREMENTO AND TAKE THE I-80 TO S.F. THEN THE I-5 NORTH TO REDDING B&K IS AT THE DUNNING EXIT.Go to yahoo maps and look for maxwell ca, that will tell you the time and disnt.Amd come on down lets ride,these guys are geart and ex.ridding.


It looks about 200 miles or 3 1/2 hours from Reno, I think I can do it. July 30th @ 7:00 AM at the Billy & Kathy Truck Stop right? I'm pretty for sure going to come. So I'll be the the guy in the Black S-10 ZR2(highrider)with an open trailer pulling a XR400(hope ya guys dont mind having a Honda guy with ya) w/ Aloop kit and black plastics. Thanks. Talk to ya later.

I don't know man ... an XR?!! Just kidding Johnny. Hope you can swing it. Send me your email and I'll give you a cell number so you can communicate with us if needed.


Mike in Silicon Valley,

You bet, thats the plan. We are going to try and get there about 7:00. If you don't have Mike's cell, send me an e-mail and I'll give you mine just in case you need to call on the road.

John Blaze,

Forgot the email


Granite Johnny,

I'll be there @ 7:00 am with my riding buddy Howard. Don't worry, you won't have to take his bike up the hill. We are going riding tomorrow at Stonyford. If you or Monty or Mike or anybody else for that matter want to go we can meet @ Bill & Kathy's.

Mike in Silicon, sorry I can't make tomarrow, Can't do every weekend, jealous though. Have a great ride. Guess we got you hooked on this area. Be careful, get a map of the trails and we will see you on the 30th at Bill and Kathy's at 7am.

Hey Reno XR guy. If you want to get down to Roseville, just north of Sac, you can follow John and I to Bill and Kathy's. Make it easier for you. About 1:45 from Reno I believe depending on speed. Let me know and I will give you directions to a good general meeting place.


Let me make sure I can make it. I'm pretty sure I can, it'd be great If I could follow you guys down there, Mike. We'll talk more in a day or 2 once I try to get out of this fishing trip that I wasn't aware I agreed to go on. =)

John C.

Reno NV.

hey guys I have to go too, Monty I will talk to you before you leave and maybe I'll camp also at Davis Flat as long as i can plug my A/C into your gen. it's awful hot at that time



Glad to hear you're coming. Can't wait to hear the sweet sound of DRZzz and WRzz worming up a tangled precipice.

Hay ratso come on down you bet you can use my 1000 watt gen. i think it will run a a/c stop by monday at the shop.Or call me i'll give you the dict. to the camp spot.


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