KLX 300 tips....!!??

I'm a 17 year old kid from norway. I've been riding motocross for five year's now and just bought me a Kawasaki KLX 300 for the streets, (still riding mx, on my YZ 250 '2000) but it isn't fast enough..! Do you guy's have eny tech tips or tuning tips for a KLX 300 or 650?? The bike is stock. And do the KX 250 plastic fit the KLX 300?

The KLX 300 has a reputation for being a great handling bike.

But if you want WR power, I would suggest a tool bag swap:

1) Remove tool bag from your KLX

2) Replace KLX with WR400

3) Put tool bag back on new bike

Now you have a bike that completely rips and will kick butt on the KLX on anything but the tightest of trails.



there is a couple klx 300 sites that have hop up tips. first thing would be to put a different carb then open up the exhaust. just look up klx 300 on a search engine and good luck. no the plastic of a kx will not bolt on a klx. and yes the klx is slower than ****, i used to own one before the wr400.

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