Northeast Oregon riding areas?

My wife is trying to get me to go camping around the Hells canyon area and I would really like to take the bikes. Does anyone know of some good riding within 50 miles or so of that area?

What nobody lives or rides in Oregon?

Rick hi this is monty i will be comeing to oragon on the 22an to ride and camp in tillmook is that near hells camp? if so lets hook up there are somme others going also from oragon [team oat meal] let me know.

monty p.s. i am from ca.

Monty, thanks for the invite to ride at Tillamook, unfourtunatly tillamook is about 300 miles west of Hells Canyon. I have been reading the posts about Oregon riding areas and it sounds like a blast, maybe next time?

Todd G, thanks for the info I think my wife was talking about that lake you mentioned (Wallowa)? I think the bikes will be in tow!

P.S. I'm from WA.


There are some trails and 2 track logging/mining roads between Grangeville ID the National Gospel Hump Wilderness (North of the Salmon River. I've only ridden up there one time and it was a blast. I don't know about the Oregon side of the Snake River though. Years ago, my cousins used to go riding at Wallowa Lake and the surrounding mountains in Oregon, but I don't know if that's still open.

3 or 4 years ago I had a rare (it may never happen again)opportunity to ride the area between the Snake River and the Salmon river from Pitsburgh Landing to the confluence of the Snake River and the Salmon. Absolutely spectacular. It is all private property and getting permission from the owners is next to impossible.


I've riding out of Hells Canyon in July a few years ago. There is lots of riding however; its a friggin oven in the summer. Be prepared for early, early morning rides and bring lots of water. The terrain is very dusty, with some soft loamy sections and harder sections with rock. We rode from camp on the Snake River so we had tons of hill climbs too. Have fun.


Depending on the timing of your camping expedition, you may want to reconsider and postpone for a while. Yesterday afternoon, 7/14/00, a fire started around Ontario, OR and shut down I-84 from Ontario, OR clear to Pendleton, OR. So far 70,000 acres have started mother nature's "rejuvenation" process. Containment doesn't look to be anytime soon as 90 - 100 deg. F temps are expected for the next week or more.

This fire has the potential to burn its way all the way into Hells Canyou on the Oregon side of the Snake River which could get really, really ugly.

There are many riding areas in NE Oregon in the Blue Mountains, Imnaha (Enterprise, OR) and around Hells Canyon (not in the Canyon though). This time of year, as Bryan Bosch pointed out, can be an oven, take appropriate precautions.

Wallowa lake has some 2-track and trails as well as the Mt. Emily Area outside of LaGrande, OR. Take your camera and look out for Mule Deer and Elk.

P.S. Don't forget a shovel and water bucket for the campfire dousing!!

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