I'm ready to go to YZ timing- help

I live in Dallas about 500ft above sea level and I'm going to do the YZ timing. I dont have time to experiement with needles and jetting. Whos got a fool proof set up that I can go by to dial her in. I also have a panaroma speedo and I can only get her up to 62mph running a 01 wr426. I done the baffle and airbox. Also the BK mod and throttle stop. Whats a optimal sproket setup for cross country racing. It's a good mix on straight, tight trees, sand, whoops and packed turns.


If your speedometer is correct and you're only able to get 62mph out of your uncorked 01 WR426, something else is very wrong (assuming you have stock gearing). Mine very easily pulls 80+ in 5th gear here in Florida.

Have you been playing with the jetting? Done anything else to it?


I was having stalls and back firing after the BK mod when I blipped the throttle quickly. So I moved the needle clip from 3 to 4 I think. I moved it 1 position leaner. Thats all.

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