Oh my God!

I am in bliss. After 13 years on not riding I just today bought a used 98WR400 that has been YZ timed, with an aftermarket pipe, and a larger than stock rear sprocket.

The smile is still not off my face and the bugs are still not out of my eyes after having blazed up and down the trails just outside my home here in Cranbrook BC. I can't believe the power this bike generates.

Last weekend I test rode an XR400 and was not impressed with the machines performance at all. This bike...a totally different class...no comparison.

What a gas to feel its power come on steady and strong as it launched up a rocky trail. I think my whoops could be heard over the roar of the bike. I feel like a little kid inside and can't wait for the sun to come up tomorrow.

Thanks to you all for the advice over the last week. From what I learned here I felt like I knew the bike even before I had seen one. And what a bike it is. I get it folks!

Trent, glad to hear you like the wr. I'm a relativly new wr owner myself and completely agree with you, but just wait, it gets better every time you ride it. My wife suprised me on fathers day with a 00 and my grin hasnt left yet!

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