Anyone else replacing fork seals left and right

Well, anyone?

I've just replaced my third set of fork seals this year alone. I've tried everything to prevent it but no dice.

If this keeps up, I'm going to have to learn how to do it myself just so I can feed my family.

My fork tubes are pretty scratched up due to mountain rock riding lately and I'm afraid I'm going to have replace one of them soon and they are getting harder and harder to buff out. Oh well, it is only money.

Tell you what, if anyone can invent a way to protect the lower fork tubes on upside down forks, you will be a rich man.


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Dougie I just replaced mine a few weeks ago. The reason I had to replace them was because I straped it down to tight with my tie downs. Thats the only way I've ever blown any. I cut a block of wood to go between my tire and fender this takes the load off the fork seals. They sell braces for this very reason but a block of wood works just the same.


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Maybe its because your always trying to do wheelies in a half hazard fashion? Hahaha, sorry...couldnt resist. Seriously though, when I worked at Yamaha we used to take emery cloth to the fork tubes to get the glaze off. It would put a cross hatch on the tubes enabling the new seals to seat and not leak. Give it a try, just clean em off when your done with some brake cleaner to get any residue off.


Doing fork seals is very easy IF YOU HAVE A SEAL DRIVER. It will be one of the best $50 investmensts you will make.

Dougie.. 2 words.. SEAL SAVERS!

There will be a pic on my shop site soon..



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