Cooerced by Mitch into buying DSP airbox?

Sounds good. Thanks for tyring to set us up with a good deal. Keep us posted.


Kevin- I haven't compaired prices but it sounds like you have and it's pretty good. I'm assuming that is the velocity airstack, i.e. the same as Mitch's. I'm going on vacation for a week and won't be checking any web or e-mail stuff. Will be back after next weekend. Thanks again for doing all this work.

Another ?, the jacket your buying, does that fit over a fox or similar shoulder pad setup? Or do you go without.

Talk to ya,


The jacket will fit right over my Acerbis chest protector. I have found the sleeves are a little loose, but the cuffs have velcro to snug them up. I would assume the sleeves are lose to allow elbow protection.

I did find w/ MSR, I wear a large. The comparable Moose jacket would be a medium. Both jackets are very nice. Larson's has the MSR in large, they do not have the medium Moose.

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