PowerBomb & Stroker Going up to Troy Meadows this weekend

Hey I cand't get enough of high altitude riding in perfect weather conditions.

I will be going back up to Troy Meadows CG this weekend will be in place Thursday night will ride Friday and Saturday come home Sunday--Any of you So. Cal riders in the area stop by for a round of bench racing or a ride.


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See you there (and not at work)!



Well Scott made it up to Troy Meadows and we had a outstanding ride on Friday about 80 dirt miles. The PB Stoker combination worked very well and is definately quieter than the pipes I had been running (WB e-series, PC IV-2, Yosh, etc.) at the end of the day my head was not hurting from sound abuse and I kept sneeking up on grous and other gorund hugging birds. The crankcase breather countiues to work great. Scott also had my breather setup on his 98 WZ and it worked as advertised.

Unfortunalty while turning in bed on Friday night something in my left rib cage let go and I went into maximum pain mode and had to leave Saturday mornig and miss two days of riding. I think its related to my near death experience from last October when I crushed everything in my left chest cavity, I hope it gets better soon the quack has me on some powerful pain killers--I think I see Dougie doing a wheelie!

I'm bumbed about this rib cage deal it has put a real damper on the life style so I will be spending more time here. Probably could not run a torque wrench over 25ft-lbs.



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Sorry to hear you dorked up your innards (and you weren't even on the trail!). Hope you feel better soon, dude. I’ll be posting a ride report with some photos Monday night. I had a great time riding some of the best trails in the country on the finest motorcycle I have ever owned! Clark is an excellent trail guide & a superb rider. You guys need hook up with him if you ever get the chance.



Clark, sorry about all the drool I kept leaving on your bike! (His 99WR is truly a work of art!)

I hope you feel better Clark .... And thanks for the report guys. Im looking forward to the photos and more extensive report from Scott.

Im headed up there this Friday the 21rst ....


Nathan Apelbaum

99 WR400F IMS Seat/Tank,Scotts full suspension mods,Fastlines front line w/CR routing,Scotts Tripletree,Dampner and Protaper combo,Big Gun tapered header and muffler,W.R.D. 7.5oz flywheel weight, de-octopussed, Ricky Stator rewind, Air box lid off,UNI Air filter,DSC legalizer kit,Dunlop K139 Frt D606 rear and a couple of other little bits

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