The Tone in many recent postings

Over the past month or so I’ve noticed a trend in some of the postings that is a little disturbing and I thought it was worth comment. I’ve also noticed this on the YZ website. First, while I’m not a frequent poster on the site, I am a frequent reader and find this website immensely helpful and fun. I feel like I already know a lot of these guys and have shared values. Frankly I don’t do many posting because I feel my lack of knowledge on many of these topics would, rather than help, probably others astray.

But back to the trend. Postings that contain a disagreement on fact (which I think are encouraged, healthy, helpful, and within anyone’s right) have always been around. But it seems that there are more and more postings also contain some personal attack and bring in all kinds of personal issues and assumptions that are rude, misplaced, irrelevant, and require huge jumps into another person’s thinking. Often, these postings seem to come from people whose names are new. In my view, there are some very helpful “Stars” on this site- Clark, James Dean, Bryan, Mitch, Kevin, etc. Take a clue, you don’t see these guys initiating this kind of negative posting.

I would encourage people to refrain from the personal attacks (Yea Duh, its seems so obvious but yet it still happens) for a number of reasons. Its rude, irrelevant, and unnecessary. It’s not how people should or would speak to each other. Next, it will eventually kill the site. I saw this exact thing happen to a good karting website over the period of about a year. People were cool at first. Then more people came in and personal attacks started. The negative postings got more frequent and more negative. While most people were not engaging in this behavior, the few that were started to create such a negative atmosphere that others contributed less because the “hassle factor” was too high. Post some information or opinion and then spend much more time defending yourself. A few people were reprimanded, kicked off, administrator’s warnings, etc. But by that time you could feel the positive vibe was gone.

To conclude as I step off of the soap box, realize what we have here. Its cool and valuable. Lets keep it that way.




2000 WR


I couldn't agree w/ you more. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I allowed myself to be adversely affected by someone's opinion with whom I do not even know. I was in a crummy mood (disagreement w/ my wife) and unfortunately allowed myself to convey this publicly.

I too agree with you. Some unknown comes in and creates a post just to cause some hate and discontent. As much as I'd like to respond I have to ask myself some things:

1-Does this make me a better person?

2-Will I benefit somehow by conveying my disagreement?

3-Does this affect my paycheck?

4-Does someone elses opinion, with whom I do not know, affect me, or my family in any way?

Of course the answer would be "NO".

The best response to these negative posts would be to ignore them.

Nothing bothers a trouble maker more than to be ignored.

I will refrain from posting/replying to anything unless I feel it could POSITIVELY benefit everyone. I will not reply to any post in anger. Anger causes irrational behavior.

Absolutely no one benefits from this in any way.

Only the troublemaker that posted the topic in the first place would benefit, kind of like the people that create computer viruses just to do harm.

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Hi Harold.

Well done mate. Well done... I think that we all stray from our paths sometimes.

WE are all different and express ourselves in different ways. But, expressing ourselves and our true feelings is sometimes difficult using the key board. When a person writes a posting I try to imagine their facial expressions as they write. Are they angry, happy, sad or just plain cheeky?

Remember all, we cant see your face or hear your tone. Responses and postings may not be as negative or agressive as they appear, but since we cannot see your express or cheeky smirk/grin, we sometimes interpret responses in a negative way.

Before you press send, read the posting and imagine you read it for the first time. What would you think? LETS ALL GIVE BRYAN, our fearless leader a BREAK and think before we send.. :)

My last thought... Keep posting all. Donjt ever be discouraged. This is THE BEST forum I have ever had the pleasure of participating in.


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