any problems WR450

What kind of problems are you guys seeing with the WR450 07 bikes?

The only complaint I have is how soft the front suspension is. I'm 195 lbs and bottom it out all the time even on the firmest settings. Easy to fix though. Awesome bikes!

I'll be buying an '07 WR450 next week. I've been researching trying to find problems, but I havent really found any. I've only found what people "would like to see". My only only complaint as a potenial buyer is I would have liked to see the WR come with a larger gas tank from the factory. Also an easy fix though.

Access to the carburator is an absolute nightmare. You have to take half the bike apart to rejet the bike. Other than that it's a bitchin bike.

There was a recall on the air filter cage. Don't ride until you check it! I can't believe how many made it out the door without being checked properly.

Fantastic machine otherwise!

Lynn :thumbsup:

I picked mine up yesterday.

I don't like that Yamaha didn't make provisions for a handle. That's the first modification I have done.


chain rub on subframe and frame. Keep up on that adjustment!

Radiators seems to be just hanging out there without any real protection. That's scary. I ordered a set of Unabiker radiator guards. Unabiker looks to be the strongest for my money...

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