After going through some mild mods on my 05 XR650L, the uncorking and a larger tank - better tires etc, I reverted it back to nearly stock. Here's why. The sound, white brothers e-2 slip on - does it make a difference? yea, huge? naw, pulls harder feels less "inhibited" but it is LOUD, and that I grew tired of on long rides. Plus I think quite bikes gain more ground for us with the non riding public than do the loud ones. IMS tank, it holds more gas, extended range! why would I remove it? it's butt ugly, nuff said. Tires? leaving the Dunlops on till I get my $ outta them, but they are rough on the street and loud, they sing like a heavily loaded logging truck.

Carburation and smog. Smog junk remains off. Switched my jetting back to a DJ 160 main and the left the larger 55 pilot in, cold starts are the same as before and overall performance is good. Installed the stock pipe. Does not pop back much at all. Installed the stock tank and the elephant ears and dropped nearly 50 degrees in running temp! from 250 - to 200ish. That's crusing at 60 MPH on a 75 degree day. Overall it is still a very strong bike to ride and alot of fun, but now it is pleasent and quiter, non obtrusive. How much performance did I loose by reverting back - not much at all, maybe 10%

That's amazing that it dropped it 50 degrees, was that pretty scientific how you came to that conclusion, testing bike in nearly the same conditions ?

Elephant ears .............:lol: I like that ! :thumbsup: (I'm leaving mine on too)

As for your E-2 muffler, I have the older outside disc E series and really don't find it loud at all. When I leave the house I can just idle through neiborhood and it can hardly be heard and once more RPM's are applied it certainly is still acceptable. I am running it at the quietest it will go with 4 disc on, :excuseme: maybe it's quieter then the E-2 set up like that, not sure ?

Honestly though, I just don't find a huge gain with the muffler but do admit i didn't fiddle a whole lot with the disc yet. I have smog junk off and dynojet carb kit and still need to do a couple plug chop test yet.

As for tires, I JUST put these Mefo's on an hour ago, didn't even ride the bike yet, you might be interested in these if you want a smooth on road tire yet is respectable on dirt too.

From all the reading I did on them, I really think they are one, if not the best tire out there if your looking for a 50/50 tire.

Nice to hear you being so concerned with the decible level :thumbsup:

I liked mine quiet just as well but since my e muffler isn't overly loud, going to keep it on.

I tested the temps was in the same conditions, ambient air temp, same route (ride) and speed, with the IMS tank - on and then off and with stock tank with the ears.

Yep the tank shrouds were developed for a purpous just not funky looking, Im keeping my E-Series on so i ride with earplugs cuz im rocking the MX helmet and its loud when goind 70+ on the freeway so i guess ill just suck it up for that.

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