YZ400 tank and seat

I finally splashed out $625.00(NZ) approx$445 US on a Oem YZ tank and seat .Iwent for my first ride at the weekend and i was blowen away,the bike goes around corners like it was on rails.I also found my arms didnt seem to get as tired (probley from not trying to pull myself forward up the seat)If you are comtemplating doing this mod I would highly recomend it as it turns a good bike into a awesome bike.

99 WR400 14/52 gearing, terrycable hotstart,Dunlop 755 f 756 r,forks raised 11.5 mm,wheelbase shortened by shortening chain,whipps bashplate.

Whats a "whipps" bashplate? I know a bashplate is another term for skidplate but Ive never heard of the company "whipps" :)


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

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