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Can anyone offer any advise on improving the life span of the chain slider on the swing arm. I have heard that a nylon type slider is available in the U.S. I correctly set chain tension every ride although I seem to be wearing out these sliders very quickly. I am running either 15/50 or 15/52 gearing with O ring chains.

I went through a stock swing arm chain slider every 3-4 months and finaly purchased and put on the plastic/nylon one from TM industries and it is wearing great. It is much harder and you really hear the chain slapping on it but at least I will not have to repalace it for quite a while. It is pricey about $70US but worth it.


I also bought the TM slider. It's a nice piece, with the only troubles being chain slap noise, and the bolts don't want to stay tight even with locktite. As a side note, I did not have any wear problems with the stock slider. I had the swingarm off for polishing, and decided to try the slider.

I also bought the chain guide, and like it even better.

Scott F

Thanks for the advise. The TM slider seems to be the way to go. If anyone in Aus knows of a supplier, hopefully in Sydney, could they please pass it on. Also, could anyone offer any reason why I seem to have gone through so many stock sliders in a short period of time. I correctly adjust and lubricate the chain each time I ride the bike. I have not had this problem with previous bike, XR's and 2 strokes. Thanks for the help.

Scott, I too have the TM unit and agree with everything you say. It is loud but worth it, my mounting bolts have also stripped out, this has happend to my dads wr also. The best fix that I now of is to replace the two short bolts with on long bolt that goes from the top of the swingarm to the bottom and is held with a locknut on the bottom. This works great!! See Ya, Dan

Remove the top two bolts and lift up the slider. Is there a huge glob of weld under the spot where the slider wore through? I ground down the weld flush and it hasn't worn through a slider since.


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MotoGreg, Yeah, I had a large amount of wel under the slider also. I filed it down after my first chain slider wore out. It helped heaps but they still seem to wear out too quickly. I am going to try the TM Industries one and see how it goes. Don't get me wrong, I love my WR but you would think that Yamaha wouldn't leave a huge weld seam under a chain slider like they do. Thanks for the help anyway.


I also mototooled the weld glob down but the sliders still wore out. Went to the TM Industries slider works great.


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