Fight Clinton's Roadless Plan

Senator Larry Craig (R-ID), a long time champion of recreational access rights, is proposing an amendment to Interior Appropriations bill. This amendment will set up an Advisory Committee to allow for greater congressional oversight on the Forest Service’s implementation of the Clinton administration’s Roadless Initiative.

Please call or e-mail your senators immediately and let them know that you want them to support this amendment. The amendment could hit the Senate floor as early as today, so urgent action is needed!

If you do not know your senator’s direct number, call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121. This switchboard is open 24 hours a day, but please call as soon as you can.


Got it jake done deal'



Thanks Jake for bringing this to our attention and thank you Steve for providing that link.


I got both messages bounced back from the e-mail address listed for my state senators in the link.

Wayne Allard has a web site so I could submit my comments to him via his site. But so far, no luck getting a hold of Ben 'the Harley boy' Nighthorse Cambel.



Senator Craig has been a very strong supporter of National Forest access and recreational user rights in the State of Idaho in the past. I have faith that he will get this legislation pushed through and it will benefit all ORV users across the US.

That said, my e-mail voicing my support for the amendment was sent to him 5 minutes ago.

***Now it that damn 01' WR250F would get here so I can try it out in the Trinities, Baumgartner, and Deadwood Reservoir!!!*** :)


No Brain, No Pain !

Thats what I like about living in South Africa. We can ride virtually anywhere on State (Government or Rural land- we call it)land without worrying about green stickers, red stickers pink slips etc. Providing you are courteous and respectful of the indigeonous population ie. dont ride through their plantations or hurt their kids or animals there are never any problems. In fact they generally regard bikes as spectacles and normally give you a wave or cheer especially if they see a good wheelie. This in fact brings a story to mind which I have to relate.

We went on a riding expedition to the Wild Coast, a undeveloped area on our East Coast with just a large population of rural african farm dwellers. As we hit the dirt road at about 9.00 pm the first night, a bet developed where we dared one of the party that he wouldn't ride the last 30km butt naked. In the spirit of the weekend his YZ426 was offloaded and he proceeded to strip. Of course we were a responsible bunch so we insisted that he wear a helmet and sneakers (in case he stalled the bike). And so off he went butt naked in the moonlight using the following vehicles headlights to illuminate his path. I tell you its a frightening sight (knowing what the consequences would be if he fell) watching a naked person pulling wheelies and broadsides down a dirt road with the YZ426 bellowing out in the quiet night air. There where scores of locals cheering and laughing on the side of the road - most of the time all we could see was the reflection of their teeth in the vehicles lights as they laughed. By the way, Robbie was one of the top offroad and motocross riders in the country so he has the talent to get away with a stunt like this. Me, I'd probably still be picking scabs from my butt.

The point of this side track tale is to say that here in this country we are still free to enjoy our riding almost anywhere. Okay so we've got our problems like needing a offroad bike to travel down some of our National roads - but thats another story.


YZ 426 2000

Craig Williams

South Africa

It sounds like the tree huggers won this one.

I read in the paper this morning the ammendment did not pass :D:):D

Lets make sure our elected representives know how we feel about that!!!!!

Darn! :D

Thanks Heywood. JAFChE (?) can you get us the Senator's E-Mail? I'd like to send a personal note of thanks.

And Craig: any chance Robbie is coming to Moab? He sounds like he'd fit right in :)


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