left radiator leak

I took a harmless (seemingly) spill to the left today and after returning to the truck and trailering my 98wr400 I found that the left radiator was very slowly dripping coolant.

The leak is coming from the frame side of the radiator and looks like it is coming from the lower part of the cooling fins.

I am amazed that such a gentle fall could cause this. My plan is to pull it off and take it to a rad shop to see if they can find the leak.

Have any of you had this happen to your bikes? Any tips (other than not falling to the side) or experience with this?


I ordered my rad guards a week ago. I have not damaged my radiator YET. I didn't want to spoil my Moab trip with a busted radiator. I did not go w/ the Devol's. I went with (I am drawing a complete blank) whatever Bryan had on his. They are beefier.


When you remember the name of the rad guards please post them for me. I will certainly add them.

Any experience with whether the rads are easy to fix or do they usually need to be replaced?

Thanks, Trent.

Trent, I am the guy from Ont you talked to on the phone last week. Call Machine Racing in Newmarket ONT and purolate it to them. They will have it fixed in a couple of days and will send it back to you. (905)830-0254 It doesnt sound too bad, they should be able to fix it for under $100. A new rad is about $400! It is hard to get anyone to tackle a bike rad I have found. Most guys at auto rad shops dont like to weld aluminum I have found.

Myler's straightened mine out and welded around the fittings for $50. It cost $35 for the bend and $15 for the welding. They are in Utah. Phone # is 800-367-7699


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