does anyone know if u can put the recovery bottle for coolant from a wr on to a yz, in long desert races i starting to lose quite a bit, no no leaks or it going into the engine


Yes, but you have to find a way to mount the tank! The WR subframe has a welded attachement/nut. The YZ subframe does not.

You'll have to fashion brackets to make it work, or use a WR subframe (I'll trade you if you want, I don't use the tank on my WR)

Oh, and I'll include the catch tank, lid, hoses, and bolts..


I got your PM. Tried to reply, but your mailbox is full.

I was hoping your SF would be a '00 or better alum, but since it's a 99, it's steel like mine.

Sorry should have clarified. Since your SF is steel, it should be cheap to weld on mounts for a tank.

Have you tried engine ice, water wetter, or more water content?

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