James Dean - 5JG-14916-EP Jetting Question


2000WR - Airbox Lid Removed - T/Stop Cut - DSP Tapered Exhaust - WR Timing

Base altitude is 5,000 feet. Normally ride in the 8,000ft range but get up to 12,000ft once in a while.

First example - 45 Pilot, 175 Main, DRS Clip #2 position, Pilot Screw 2 Turns Out. Rode from 7,700 up to 10,700 and back. Lean on the downhills with throttle closed (pops). Little bit of a stumble in the mid throttle range (again, lean I think). Pretty good response down low. Pulled the plug - perfect, light tan, not a spot of black.

Second try - 45 Pilot, 178 Main, DRS Clip #3 position, Pilot Screw 1 Turns Out. Rode from 6,500 up to 10,000 and back. Had to turn the screw in to 1 turn to partially stem the dreaded booo-waaah off idle. Lots of sputtering holding at 1/4 - 3/4 throttle settings. Plug now black.

And now my question,

Proposed next try - 45 pilot, 170 main, EKP Clip #3, Pilot screw 1 1/2 turns out.

Any input you can give is greatly appreciated!


Your proposed jetting sounds very close. If anything a #165 or #168 main might be better. Bring your screw driver along for the pilot screw and experiment from 1 1/2 to 2 turns. The altitude is higher than my riding areas so your feedback will help others too. The benefit of having a forum like this, thanks Bryan.

James Dean

Preliminary tests indicate it's real close. Incidentally, the TPS didn't Ohm out as spec'd in the manual at idle (.13-.15 X Coil Resistance). Had to rotate it full clockwise to get the resistance down there. The hesitation down low is all but gone. A quick twist from idle now brings a wheelie! Also, I can definitely feel the improved pull in the mid-range. Will post further when I get it up high. Thanks James!

You're welcome, have fun!!

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