Oil Feed/Return Line Junction On Engine Leaking

I recently had my engine out and torn down. I got it all back together and it is running but now I have an oil leak. Where the two oil lines go into the engine case, there are some O-ring type seals. Mine happen to be green in color. These are not like regular O-rings though because they are tube like. Those of you who have seen them know what I mean.

Anyway, mine looked okay when I put it back together but apparently they are not. My kit did not come with new ones. One or both is leaking at this time. Without waiting a week on the dealership to get me these "SPECIAL-ONE-OF-A-KIND-MILLION-DOLLAR-SEALS" is it possible to rig something else to work????? Can I just double up on each hose with 2 regular O-rings to build the thickness dimension up???

Obviously I don't want to drive it this way. If the SUCTION side of the hose is the one leaking, the oil pump could very well be pulling air in instead of oil and starving my motor of precious oil. If the pressure side is leaking, well, it's not that big of a leak and I could live with it while I wait on the dealership to get the parts. Since I don't know for sure which is leaking, would rather be safe than sorry.

Have a ride planned for this weekend and would like to iron it out before then.


square cut "o-ring"

and you'll get a few suppliers. McMaster-Carr and Grainger might have 'em, as well.

Maybe a napa or auto-parts store that makes hydraulic lines.


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