hard to decide

In singapore, the ktm400exc and the 98`wr4 is been legalise on the road. sadly the dealer only bring in the 98 wr4(Aust), sadly still no mods(exhaust pipe) allow on both bike due to traffic regulation. i know that the ktm is ready out of the crate but it is a rfs, durability is still a ??? Is wr4 engine/gearbox/piston durability comparable to xr4 and ktm on the road? Riding 50%trail 50%road. how much hp on the 98wr4 stock.

KTM - (the factory) does *NOT* support dualsporting their EXC's due to the gear thickness (5th & 6th) and the limited engine oil capacity

Go for a WR, it will last longer in a D/S config. If you must have a Katoom go for the LC4.


Hey Blur,

Not to worry about the durability of the bike. I have own the bike for about 19 months and over 20000km and still in very good condition. As for the power with stock pipe you can win any 200, 400 except 250 and the new KTM400. See ya. :)

i thought my english was bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

boys if you're going to help our friend from singapore, be kind & cut the jargon-PDQ!!!OK.


You might have noticed that blur400 is in search of a 4-stroke to D/S *NOT* a two stroke. The KTM reliability is from KTM themselves, and refers to the 400EXC & 520 EXC, not something that I sucked out of my thumb.


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