G'day All,

I am back and am appaled by some of the postings.. :D Naaaa, not appaled, just kidding.. Namely Sonia Wheeler's posting.. Sonia, I hold no animosity toward you as you are entitled to your opinions.. Really.. :) Your delivery of the news could use a little work though. When you threw the paper you missed the lawn and broke the window.. :D


1. Read it before you post it

2. If it will hurt peoples feelings and you JUST have to post it. Write it in a way that is funny and will receive fun responses

3. Show respect to all and "Treat others as you would expect to be treated".. I read that somewhere. It worked on me.. :D

Thats it.

My friends, fellow riders, motorcycle lovers, money spenders, etc.. I love you all and we all love to ride. :D Let us leave it at that.... The bike can be Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Red, whatever. We all "choose" to ride a bike that suits us. We all "choose" to love and defend our bikes. WE all "Choose" to modify our bikes to assist us ride it as best we can. We all "choose" to do so because we have "free will". So, lets all respect each other and stop the animosity. If a fire has been started, by all means, fuel it, but fuel it with fun, nothing else. :D


If I can make people laugh Mitch, it actually makes my day!

I live to make my Wife laugh. She told me my (ex-navy) humor has changed her sense of humor. She also told me she has appalled some her friends with her humor.

Now that's My Girl!!

Well said Mitch

Hey Kevvie,

SOunds like out marriages are the same. My wife does not find me overly funny, although my friends do. I will break her down though.. :) I think I love your wife also. But not as much as you "Tiger"..... :D



Thats sound advice. Thanks for the reminder. G'day!

James Dean

I have a confession to make.

Sonia Wheeler sent an e-mail to me a little while ago with the text on his post. At first I thought it was a bit of a dig and I responded a little defensively. But before I sent my reply to him, I thought it was interesting that he would send this WR dig to me and not post it on the forum.

So, I figured you guys would love a little controversy and it might spark some interesting (heated) discussion, so I posted his e-mail to me verbatum under his name rather than replying myself.

Do you think I did the right thing? If he thinks I alone am TTalk, he is wrong. If he wants to dig the WR, he should chat with all of us. Don't you agree?

By the way, my opinion is simple: KTM, great bike, can't get one, too expensive, too much maintenance, can't afford it, don't have the patience for it, won't make me a better rider anyway.

Also, Dougie said he has never seen a bad KTM rider. Last weekend we saw a guy on a brand new EXC380 at Woodland Park. After telling him what a great bike it was, he rode away from our group of riders and ROLLED one of the funnest jumps you could ever imagine. PUSSIE!


Originally posted by Mitch from Oz:

The bike can be Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Red, whatever.


Hey, what about white! WHITE BIKES RULE!!! All other colors suck!!!

Just kidding

White is better though (shows dirt less, doesn't discolor when bent).

Plus I didn't think KTM flame-bait post and follow-ups was bad at all.

You wanna see discord and flames galore? Check out Cycle News MX Pitboard. One look at that and you will appreciate what we have here. I have learned tons about my YZ in short time due to courteous and knowledgeable people like James Dean, Taffy, the Rubberchickenguy, RodH etc.

Be ever vigilant Mitch from Oz!

Originally posted by Hick:

Hey, what about white! WHITE BIKES RULE!!! White is better though (shows dirt less, doesn't discolor when bent).

Yeah, I gotta go with the white bikes! :)


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