Rear Tire Size

The stock WR rear tire is 110/100x18. Has anyone tried a 120/100x18 tire on the rear? If so, are there any tire interference problems or handling quarks? I was considering the Dunlop 739AT 120/100x18.


Eric in WA

Hey Eric in WA, do you ever make it out to tahuya? I live in Port Orchard witch is pretty close. Maybe we could ride together sometime? I probably have a couple of rides left on my stock tires (rear) before replacing it, and by that time you will be able to recomend a replacement.

I used a 120 on my 98WR. I had no problem with clearance at all. A local racer told me to go with the wider tire. He said it would help in ruts. Did it help? I don't know, who do you think I am Ty Davis. :)

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