aftermarket radiators?

Hi folks,

As per my post a couple days ago I have a rad leak that none of the local shops will touch. It is a small one but hard to fix due to the small size of the cooling fins. Scottyr suggested a place in Ontario that fixes rads but I would be out of commision for 10 days at least.

Do any of you know of an aftermarket rad?

Also, I am definately going to get rad guards and as I understand it there are two types. The ones that protect the front and side and the ones that protect the side and bolt to the rear to prevent the rad from being pushed back. Which of the two types gives the most protection from side impact?

To vent some steam I must say that it is ridiculous how flimsy, expensive, and unprotected these rads are on the stock bike. What the heck is Yamaha thinking?

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