Great Bikes!!

I don't think there is a bad dirtbike made these days. The truth is, we are so spoiled by all of the high tech equipment that exists that we resort to nit picking at all of the bikes. Truth be known, they are all great bikes! We all just want to reassure ourselves that we spent our hard earned money wisely.

We have so much in common on this site, that the type of bike we ride shouldn't even be relevant. OOOPS! Except this is the WR forum. I better get out of here!!!!!! :)

I agree 100% scrambler. There is nothing more fun than riding with your buddies,and switching seats for a while on about 4 different kind of bikes. It's fun to see what each of them do differently, and how each owner prefers their personal bike.I remember my old 80 IT 250, and think of how spoiled we all are now. The down side is the amount of maintenance these new bikes require. I like to spend at least 1 hour a week with my family!!!

I think most guys get rid of their bikes so often, all they need to do is put in gas, change the oil, lube the chain, and wash it.

I rode the heck out out my last bike for two seasons(1996 XR twofiddy) with little maintenance and the bike held up wonderfully! I did most of my riding in Oregon during the winter/spring where is always wet and muddy.

Do you think my 99 WR will hold up as well? I'm not sure. I don't have a lot of hours on the bike yet.

Also, you are right, we are VERY spoiled with the choices in bikes today.

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