California XR650R's diffornt? pics included help me out!

I've read this thread so many times on all the motorcycle forums and I can't keep from mentioning all the thousand and thousand of weedeaters and grassblowers that, as I write this, are putting 10 times as much emissions into the air(per unit) than than any one motorcycle corked or uncorked.:rant:

We are the scapegoat.

The popo:busted: have no idea what a smog legal bike is supposed to have and not have.

I've noticed that cops have NO CLUE about bikes AT ALL...I've been pulled over several times on my XRR (no tickets thank god :thumbsup: ) ...and every time my bike wasn't even close to being legal...they actually ask "is that thing legal?"

"yes of course officer, see, i have a license plate and insurance on it, check it out".... non DOT tires, no mirrors, no turn signal, no horn <---all things you need in NY...they have no clue at all :bonk:

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