Dual Sport YZ 450

Is there any 07 yz 450 dual sport kit that i can purchase to make my yz450 street legal or anything like that. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about it or guides??

Is there any 07 yz 450 dual sport kit that i can purchase to make my yz450 street legal or anything like that. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about it or guides??

It would probably be easier to start with a WR. The WR's have some good dual sport features like a battery, electric start, coolant catch bottle, odometer, ect...

There is no kit, per se, and even a decent stator capable of driving any kind of lights is difficult to find.

it can be done - I'm doing it and others have, the sticking point is the stator as Gray stated. Electrosport makes one with a 50w output, or lake & trail can rewind the stocker for the same output. Having only 50watts makes it critical in chosing your lights and how you wire your system

What kind of cost is associated with that mod?

-the stator will run about $200

-regulator about $25

-headlights, tail lights, signals - if required, wiring - depends on components u use

-$60 or so for a switch assembly (horn, hi/lo beam, kill, etc)

is it seriously that affordable?!

that would be amazing to use my bike on the street too!

anybody else have experience with this?

this isn't even something that i would have thought about before, but my interest has been sparked!

having the lights and turn signals on removable mounts would be great too!

remember, the lights can be pricey - $70 headlight, $60 BD tail light, etc. since the wattage is so low, the choice of components is crucial. The headlight will take 35 watts, leaving only 15 watts total for everything else. An LED tail light is essential here. LED turn signals will also be needed if they are required in your state. The only DOT approved LED turn signals out now are from K&S, and run $100 a pair. Most horns pull 20 watts, so I'm using a self (battery) powered horn called the megahorn - runs off a 9V battery - about $35.

you'd be surprised how fast the costs add up

Yeah, costs can start to add up and depending on your state's laws on what is required, it may not even be worth the effort. Check with your state's DMV for all of the requirements, and how to get it inspected/certified, before you start tearing in to it.

im do not know, but i'm pretty sure it's possible. Like others said WR would be a great start but im sure you can turn turn YZF into a street legal machine, but in Cali it would be harder to do than anywhere else :banghead:

My YZ will be street legal. Calif is next to impossible from what I hear. If your bike does not come street legal from the dealer, forget it. Some guys are registering their bikes in other states as a solution.

That's virtually the only way to do it. The bike must have been plated in another state to even be considered. CA equipment requirements would still apply, but 49 state emissions laws are applied to the vehicle in question.

The usual snag is that the other state normally requires legal residency in order to register a vehicle. Vermont used to allow non-resident registration of vehicles purchased in that state, and I think you can establish a part-time residency in Arizona without too much trouble. You'd have to research it.

doesn't baja designs make a dual sport kit for any kick start bike? Im pretty shure they do, and it comes with a headlight, tail light, horn, signals, wiring and all that. You just have to get your stator rewinded, they do that to. I may be wrong about this but im pretty shure.

just got my 05 plated today by signing a waiver that said that it complies with title 28, chapter 3, article 16 of some AZ document I.E. lights, rear view mirror, signals, horn, emissions (2002 and older) I guess? When I asked them to provide me with this article they came back with nothing and told me to go to some website and research it but it was a bogus website? Baja designs says that a yz needs a new stator and it can't be rewound in essense: about $400 for the stator and they make a kit for an additional $250 for lights. I'm gonna buy a used (e-bay) wr headlight about $50 and a rear fender with light for about $50 (unless you out bid me) just to look somewhat legit for the short rides on the connecting forest service roads out here. I have a motorcycle endorsement too. I'm interested in looking into the above post for another aftermarket stator thats more affordable? Oh, anyone know if a 2002 wr rear fender will fit a 05 yz450? Some search results said it will, some were not too sure?

Thanks Solo! I really didn't wanna read that and get discouraged though. lol. I'm almost there though. I'm gonna go with the ni cad battery pack for those short interval road trails.

yea i dont intend on making my yz "road legal" until next summer, thats when i get my liscense. But i do not intend on making it completly legal. Im just gonna slap some WR lights on it and maybe some flush mount turn signals. Who needs a horn?

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