xr650l acerbis tank installation questions

Hi All,

Here is my first post on TT. great site for XR650L stuff !

I have an 01 XR650L and bought a 5 gal acerbis tank for it.

Here are my questions:

1- Do you have to relocate the voltage regulator or leave it where it is ? (my tank touches it right now.)

2- Did you install your tank with only one rubber piece that goes on top of the frame or did you use more than one rubber piece/other material to sit the tank on the frame ?

3- I find that the braces supplied with the tank do not align well with the holes on the frame....especially the rigth one....anything I should be looking for ? The tank is properly seated on the frame

any other tips (or close up pictures) on mounting the tank would be apreaciated.

Thanks and have a good one.


I put an Acerbis on my 650R, so I can't help with question 1 and 3 which are specific to the L, but on question 2, the tank is resting on the frame only on the 1 rubber piece supplied.

not sure, but post a pic when you are done!

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