03 WR450 jetting ? help urgent!!

I picked up an 03 WR450 from a buddy and just got a chance to ride it when I got it home. :ride: The bikes from Tucson and I'm in North Texas. Needless to say there is some altitude difference. About 6000 feet I think.

When I hold the bike at steady throttle there is some lurching, when I'm on the throttle it accelerates fine. There is popping on deceleration. I didn't get any needles with the bike and he's mailing the manual. I'm supposed to go ride Thursday is there anything I can do adjustment wise to help me until I can get it jetted properly?

Thanks for the help.

Read the stickies, paying close attention to the Jetting Database. Find a bike similar to yours in setup and altitude and use its settings as a baseline...SC

You shouldn't have any decel popping unless your buddy did any ACV mods. As long as he hasn't, you're probably too lean on the pilot (possibly among other things). A quick fix might be to turn the fuel screw out, but first determine how many turns out it is already by counting how many turns to all the way in. You don't want to be more than 2.5 turns out when you're done. Also make sure your air filter is clean as it can have an effect on jetting.

This may help you for your Thursday ride, but you'll need to dig into the carb to see what you've got.

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