Trail Tech Endurance NIGHTMARE!!!

Ok, this may be in the wrong forum, but I've got a 1993 XR600R that I'm trying to install it on, so figured this would be the best place to start. Then if somone wants to redirect me, that's fine. Here's my problem: the flipping thing is a P.O.S.!!! It would work great if the tiny little electronic pickup wasn't made from the weakest plastic in the WORLD!!! Here's my question: has anyone here had any success modifying the dang thing to work? I've manufactured a tiny little metal peice to go over top of the pickup, but that broke, so I've got one other thing to try before I throw the stupid thing in the trash and say goodbye to $70 of my hard earned $. Which is the LAST thing I want to do. So, somebody help before I loose my mind with this thing!!!:foul:

I am sending mine back to Trail Tech tomorrow. I called them and they said to send it to them. It sounds like they will replace it. My trouble is exactly like yours. Once it broke, I tried supergluing it back together, I tried redrilling and mounting it in a different place. I even siliconed it to the caliper. Nothing I tried worked very long. I just got fed up with it. I also cracked the plastic shell where it slides into the docking station. Not only does the sensor not work on mine, but the computer is open to the elements. I hope they replace it. I have had it about 6 months, but have only been able to use it on about 3 rides. I hope they are in tune to their customers. I was thinking about buying a $300 HID helmet light setup from them. I am going to hold off until I get an answer on the computer.

If I were you, I would start with getting the thing warrantied. Good luck.

I'm just curious here, how long have those been out, the exact model you have?

:excuseme: What good will a warranty do if the next one is not improved ?

Can you post a pic or two of the part, maybe others or me can give some mod suggestions on your next one if they warranty it?

I've got a problem with mine also! I have the sensor and pickup setup properly but the computer speed readout is all over the map. Sometimes it will show 160kph when I'm only at 70. Other times I'll be doing 100 and it will read 40. I checked the front tire roll out 3 times and made sure the settings are correct. I'll be contacting them today and may get the Vapor if they take this one back.

Ok, here's an update, took the damn thing apart again today, took my dremel tool, sanded off a little bit of the sensor that is closest to the disk. Then I took the small metal piece that I had fabricated before, epoxyed it to the outside of the sensor and let it dry, again. Then I fabricated another small metal piece, a 90 degree piece, to go between the caliper adapter and the inside of the sensor and epoxyed that and let it dry. After two hours dry time to make sure the epoxy had dried thoroughly, I crossed my fingers and proceeded to instal the thing, again. YAHTZEE!!! Worked like a charm! Rode it around for a while, took in the dirt a bit, and seemed to work just fine. So, if you guys that are having the same problems would like to see some pics, let me know. I'll keep you guys posted on how it does also this weekend out on the trail.

I give the people at Trail Tech 5 stars for service. Very prompt and fair, in my experience, but they are at the mercy of consumers who have to install the computer and whose favorite tool is a sledge hammer (NO BODY ON THIS FORUM IS IN THAT CATEGORY) :ride:

Granted, the little Endurance is a - - but if you set it up carefully and follow the directions to the letter, it will do a good job for you.


I've had one on my 650R for about 15,000 mostly dirt miles and I've had zero problems. Nothing ever broke, malfunctioned or failed.

My only complaint is that the screen is unreadable with polarized sun glasses.

I've been using one on a XR650L for 5 yrs now, and I haven't even had to change the battery. The mount is similar to the XR600, but the caliper bracket on the 650 is thicker, and had to be machined a bit for the sending unit to mount right. It's spot on speed wise. I had to build a small led light to illuminate it in the dark, because the back light only comes on for a few seconds. I like the thing, and the Vapor I put on my KTM this year.

Mine has worked flawless many years and lots of off road miles on it.:ride:

To the guys posting tales of how great theirs are, congrats, maybe I'm just a gorilla in a china shop when it comes to this thing. Maybe I didn't follow the directions carefully enough, who knows. All I do know is that, after installing the first sensor, I rode it for 5 minutes and it broke. I called trail tech, they were more than helpful, sent me another sensor at no charge, I installed that per their directions, and after 5 minutes, it broke. I just posted here to see if anyone had any suggestions on how to get it not to break, in the event there were people out there having the same problems I was. I do appreciate all the feedback though.

I just got mine back from Trailtech. They warrantied the whole thing. That was great service. Even if the product is not bullet proof, I must say that they took care of me.

As for the second sensor installation, I ended up getting a bit creative. During the first sensor attempt, I followed what I thought to be the instructions. It looked just like the pic. I could not get it to read. For some reason, it would work when I tested it, but when the hole was drilled it did not work. It broke, I superglued, I filed, I cussed, I whittled, I threw tools against the side of the garage. It was rather frustrating. I even called Trailtech for advice. I used their tips as well and nothing worked. Then I sent the thing back for a new one. They pulled through.

There I was the other day, wondering if i did the same thing if I would achieve the same result. Not gonna do it! I discovered that the holes that I had drilled for the screw would not allow the sensor to fit as snug as it needed to be to keep it tight against the caliper. I decided that I could use one of the exsiting holes in the caliper, but I would have to put a new hole in the sensor just a short ways from the factory drilled hole. Once I did that, I was able to screw the thing to the caliper and it was very snug. Oh, by the way, I put a small piece of plastic in the indentation to keep the surface as flat as it could be, I only tightened it up so that it was snug. Don't overtighten. I did not use it but some silacone might fill those gaps as well. That part was done.,

Then I had to grind off some of the plastic from the sensor(I was advised to try this by Trailtech)I started out small and only shaved off what was needed. The contact point that I was trying to get rid of was where the fork and the crux of the sensors two sides come together( I hope that makes sense) I should have taken a pic. Sorry. In other words, the 90 degree elbow where the sensor lays over the caliper, on the end of the sensor located on the opposite side of where the wire enters the unit. I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about, but this is just in case.

I would grind off a bit, then try it carefully. Don't spin the wheel really fast as you could break the piece again if one of the disk bolts comes around and strikes the sensor.(that is how mine broke originally, I think). Work it really slow.

Mine is up and running now. I am a pleased customer. PM me if you have any questions. I will do what I can to help.

Damn, i wish i would have read this last night. Snapped my little tap off too. Seems like it is a real tight fit in there. I am going to try and mount mine to the fork leg with a bit of epoxy and zip tie, holding it on by hand last night and testing it worked and it seems much easier to access than the trailtech recommended location. It sounds like if that doesn't work, i can get a new sensor unit( i'd even pay) and do a little grinding and filling to get it to work.

My question was how did you mount it on the top end. It looks like trail tech has a mount kit that fits the stock xr odometer location or did you just fabricate something?

well guys....I have a Vapor... I am sure the pick up for the speed sensor is the same. It wasn't real easy to mount it...but properly would have to get really creative to break it. It's tucked away pretty deep in there out of harms way. As far as the guy who says he is getting erratic speed readings...sounds like the pick-up isn't the right distance from the sensor. They cover that in the directions... I actually read them... really!!!

As for the comment about waiting to see what they will do before you plunk down your cash for the HID helmet lights... I can tell you.... they are Freakin awesome. I am not running 107mph in Baja but I live in Phoenix and the only way to ride in the summer is after the blistering sun goes down. Since I refuse to let my bike sit idle in the garage for 4 months....those helmet lights get alot of use. The stock headlight will barely attract a moth at night....but those little lights turn a night ride into a lot more fun. SCMR11's with the battey pack in my Camelpak work like a champ. Have you seen the New trail light they have.....That is number one on my X-mas list right now....

that plus helmet lights.... would be like riding during the day!!


Dugas Engineering has an adaptor kit which he will replace any computer wiring with his own heavy duty pickup. very nice quality.. I have his stuff on two of my bikes with zero failure.

Sensor wire and magnet $47.00


Adapter for any other computer so you can use our sensor. Simply cut off existing connector and splice in this one. Or, send in your computer and we will attach adapter for free! (with purchase of a sensor). $10.00


Go to the bicycle section on ebay and you'll find computers that look exactly like the trail techs for less than $20.

Mine has worked flawless many years and lots of off road miles on it.:thumbsup:

Same here- 2 units

I've had one on my 650R for about 15,000 mostly dirt miles and I've had zero problems. Nothing ever broke, malfunctioned or failed.

My only complaint is that the screen is unreadable with polarized sun glasses.

You are The Man! My self and everyone I know who has had one has never gotten over 2500 miles out of the thing. Dang! 15,000 miles that's awesome. Mine was tits up at around 1100 miles.:thumbsup:

ive only got about 500mi. on my vapor and so far no problems, i had it up to 110 mph and no discrepancies.

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