polished swingarm

Has anyone polished there swingarm and what worked best.


I want to know what works best to fill in the scrapes and scratches.


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I've seen it done.. BUT it takes alot of work to keep it nice.



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i polished my swingarm it took six hours but well worth it i used aircraft stripper and it did nothing. you need to sand it with a da sander and 320 paper then when you polish it use a 6000 rpm polisher use a stiff wheel at first then a soft one it will come out sweet.you can get your polishing wheels and sticks at a truck stop

once you have it polished i use zepher polish it takes the black polishing crap off.then just put zepher or other polish on after every wash it only takes a few minutes and it draws alot of attention. most people think that you bought a aftermarket swingarm.hope this helps any questions email me at chevy2000572@cs.com

I have a swingarm that would make Team Yamaha envious. I don't have the time or patience to polish a frame or swingarm every week, so I called in a favor from a plating shop. First, I got out my Dremel, jewelers files and sandpaper, and carefully ground down all of the welds smooth. Then I tried to use paint stripper, which did bubble up the outer layer, but it didn't faze the primer. So I handed it over to the plating shop, and they stripped or blasted the paint off, polished it thoroughly, clear anodized it, and "bright dipped" it. It came out absolutely beautiful, with a near chrome finish on the legs, and a smooth satin finish on the casting. I also did this on my '99, and it proved to be a durable zero maintenance finish. It's great for moto, but I wouldn't do it for off road thrashing.

Scott F

Originally posted by Mike S:

Has anyone polished there swingarm and what worked best.

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