Where To Go For A Week of Riding in the Sun

I see there are alot of members from California and Nevada, what are the best large riding locations in that area? I live in Edmonton Alberta and am planning a riding trip for January (Average temp. -20 deg C.) Glamis looks sweet, is there some place better? If you had a week to ride were would you go? It is going to be a long drive(30 hours)so we want to make it worth while. Any suggestions? I have a 2000 WR, my one budy has a 99 YZ400 and our other buddy has a KX, but he also has a kick but truck so we will let him come.

Hi Robc.

See if you can make your trip dec.29th or 30th we are planing a ride at stonyford ca, on that weekend, lots of good rideing there 90,000 ac on one side and 100,000 on the other.We will be camping at a place called fourt springs.Let me know if this will work for you.



There is a great deal of riding in Northern Nevada. What kind of terrain are you guys interested in. Just north of Winemucca, NV. there are quite a few old

mine camps, and even some old ghost towns.

If you guys come this way let me know.


How far is Stonyford from Reno, NV. Just curious not wanting to invite myself.

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come on down,stonyford is about 200 from reno if your coming new years let me know your welcome.



I would love to go riding after christmas but will be snowboarding in Jasper for the holidays with my wife and daugter. My daughter likes going for rides on the WR but my wife would like to blow it up.

There have been alot of post on stonyford lately, what are the condition like? We like it all. We have sand, hardpack, musgeg, and rock all with in a few hours drive. The riding is still good, with a light dusting of snow but highs off -5 deg C is making it hard to start old blue. Now I know why Yamaha made the plastic blue, To match my face after kicking it for 20 minutes!

We are also interested in Nevada because it is closer? My friends were thinking of sand because we do not use paddle tires much at home. I perfer trails but would just as happy to try the paddle tire.

I’ve never been there, but Ocotillo Wells is a famous (well, I’ve heard of it anyway and I live in NM) riding area that is less than 100 miles west of Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis).

Here is a link to the Burro Bend Café just outside the riding area:


Here is a link with maps and pictures and links to other SoCal riding areas:

Ocotillo Wells

If you’ve never ridden large dunes with a paddle tire I think you should try it. I’ve been to Glamis once and have been wanting to go back ever since. I do prefer a good, hard trail or sandwash but Glamis is such a huge, strange and fun place that everyone should try it (or something similar) at least once. Riding dunes (a paddle is necessary equipment) is totally different from trails, it requires different skills and is fun in a different way.

But for my next trip to Glamis (probably in Feb.) I’m planning on spending a day at Ocotillo Wells (it will be worth the tire change).

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Rob C ,visit stonyford replys from Thanksgiving weekend. Its mostly woods with a little bit of rocks. great place to ride! elevation is 3,000-6,000 can have snow on top in winter.

Marty is wright RobC the riding is the best from mud to rock,sand,and just good old drit,tight trails in woods to open fire roads,lots of hill climb trails and creek crossings,you can ride all year there,summer gets hot and dry but you can still ride up high,winter temp run in the 50's to upper 60's day, night gets into the 20's,.In the winter there will be snow up top at 6'000 ft. but only in the 2ft area,down low 2'000 to 3'000 ft wet,and dry trails and the creeks are running makes for geart riding,YAL COME NOW HERE.


The enviro-nazis recently closed a huge area of Glamis. You can read about it and support our cause at:


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