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Catalytic Converter on my WR?

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(The) EPA is concerned that "standards which result in the widespread use of catalytic converters will achieve less benefits than projected due to consumer tampering with the exhaust systems.”

That projection would be accurate in my case.

More irrational policy proposals courtesy of enviro-super-PAC Sierra Club. The article outlines how catalytic converters that the EPA wants to mandate for off-road bikes (to placate the Club) may not be very effective in eliminating pollutants in small off-road bikes. I’ve accepted the near-certainty that we will all be riding fuelie thumpers eventually, which are probably 500% more environmentally friendly than a ring-ding. But adding another requirement with such questionable benefit on top of that is too much.

The Sierra Club is so attached to a damn tree (when they ain’t in the courtroom suing the govt.) that they have all but forgotten what the forest looks like. How large of a problem are off-road emissions, really? When compared to, say, commercial fishing, transportation etc.

Example: The sport of golf probably accounts for a disproportionate amount of environmental harm when compared to trail riding. But you will never hear anybody criticize golf as environmentally irresponsible. Yet, to play it, the land is cleared, water is appropriated and pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer are applied daily. I could go on some more (golf cart batteries, displaced wildlife, depleted aquifers)…

To participate in the sport that WE all love none of this is required. We don’t want to clear the land, just ride across it on skinny tires powered by a small motor, thank you. It will still be there when we leave, and will remain pristine compared to what the golfers want to do with it.

Politics: Who gets what, when, where and why. So those w/out the political clout (hint: it ain’t the golfers) end up being the have-nots. Don’t ever let anybody tell you issues like this are about anything other than politics. If we could just disentangle these environmentalists (and those they are trying to influence like the EPA, BLM, USFS etc.) from their embraces and get them to have a look around (“Wow!! Look!! An entire forest!”) things would improve. Of course, if we could cure cancer things would improve as well, and that is probably more likely.

End of rant.

BTW I like golf just fine and do play (horribly) every now and then (if my bike is broken). I think it makes a good example, but you could easily substitute other activites and make the same point (air travel, shopping, vacation cruises, etc.)

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