Will aGas tank change help handling?

I am thinking of buying a new gas tank. Would like feedback on any improvement in handling. What tank to get. Should I change tank and seat. Still need that comfort seat for the longdual sport rides. I am only thinking of this mod for improved handling. Thanks, Fred

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It makes a huge difference as long as you are aggressive enough to slide forward and use the extra room to weight the front. If you are coming from riding motocross bikes, you'll immediately notice that it feels more 'normal'. If you are a laid back rider and not willing to slide the family jewels all the way up to the gas cap, then you probably won't notice any difference and should spend your $$ elsewhere.

I would highly recommend the Clarke YZ tank if you don't need more than 2 gallon capacity.


What Mr. Bradshaw :) said!!

I had a terrible time working w/ the stock ergo's on the WR. I stuck on the YZ tank and seat (IMS) and behold!! Not identical to my CR Honda, but night and day better than the WR.

I have since also purchased the ACERBIS tank for my Turkey Runs. I HAVE to have the extra range.


The YZ seat is a REQUIREMENT for aftermarket tanks. IMS, One Industries and SDG as well as OEM Yamaha (read as BIG BUCKS!) has the YZ seats.

What's great about a larger tank on a four stroke (if the tank is narrow..ie Acerbis) the gas is carried lower on the bike and feels more normal. On a stock tank, the gas is very high (combined with cams and valves) it makes the 4-stroke top heavy in turns.

Keep in mind that Clarke also makes a 3.3 gal. tank...and you can buy it in conjunction with an SDG YZ seat on their website for a pretty good price.

I ride with it and it helped out GREATLY!

Clarke Web Site


I too am getting tired of fighting the WR tank

in the single track. I was looking at the Clarke

3.3 gallon tank at this link:


You know, it really doesn't look like that much

of a difference to me. I usually don't stray too

far from the gas truck, maybe their smaller tank

combo allows you to slide even further forward?

Anyone have pics?

Get the tank, trust me, you'll love it!! Believe it or not it will turn afterall. :)

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