best tires

I live in western PA... I need some tires which ones work good on the wr400???????


I will gladly ship you my old ones! :)

Seriously though, Im a true blue Dunlop man. My personal favorites:



D739 IT - rear

Depends on your conditions on what would work best for you, but thats what I like.


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

The Dunlop 752 and 756's have worked well for me. I'm not an expert, but the 756 on the front made the WR stick corners much better than the stocker. Both front and rear 756's seemed very durable to me. I rode with the same rear tire all of last year, and I was in quite a few harescrambles. The tire still wasn't shot, but I wanted to start the year off with some new rubber.

Dunlop has just come out with a new tire that has supposedly been designed for four strokes. Supposed it allows better delivery of power to the ground. Sounds like hogwash to me, but I am no expert. If you want the tire model, let me know. I don't have it on me right now, but I can look it up for you.

I have used a Dunlop 752 on the rear in the past, and was really impressed with it. Seemed to have really good traction and wear. The knobs were spaced pretty good to allow good cleaning in the mud.

I currently have a 756 on both the front and the back, and have no complaints about it either. It seems to be wearing pretty well too. Haven't had any chunking like my buddy with a set of Pirelli's.

Good luck!

If you are looking for a good intermediate tyre - definition of 'INTERMEDIATE' is that you want traction but aren't prepared to shell out too many bucks to change tyres too often, then I recommend Bridgestone's M77 front and M78 rear. These are great all rounders. Try them, you wont regret it.

I agree with Scrambler, the Dunlop 756's are very good tires, even on the rocks.

I am amazed that Scrambler got a whole season on a 756. I only get about 300 miles on a 756 rear on my '99 WR. (Maybe I shouldn't complain - tires are much better than they used to be. In the early 80's I would destroy a tire in a single ride of my YZ465).

Anyone have experience with the D739AT desert tire?

Eric in WA

Craig W., I read a letter forwarded to me by a fellow rider than was sent to senior mgt. at Bridgestone. Evidently, Bridgstone gave a large sum of money to an evironmental organization that is in opposition to the off-road community and our rights to ride on public lands. I cannot authenticate this however; I know I will do a little more investigating before I by Bridgestone tires.

Eric in WA,

Dude, I owned a 1980 YZ465. I put money down on my new bike in Dec 79. In less than 30 days, the shop called me up. I was told to pay for it now or they would sell it. The whole country was sold out of them by February, 1980. What a great bike! I miss that characteristic backfire that occurred everytime someone would light one off. I think it would make a great playbike today, so much low end torque.


You don't happen to be partial to Yamaha??

By the way the 1981 YZ465 was my last bike before the WR.

I have many memories of the yellow beast. Great engine, except for starting it. (The WR is a piece of cake to start compared to a YZ465.) That YZ465 could pull any hill just off idle. The engine was almost stall proof. The front suspension was great at the time. The rear suspension was miserable. It would spit you off of the bike at the most inopportune times. The difficulty of dealing with the rear suspension in combination with starting a family shut down my dirt bike activities, that is until my kids were old enough to ride and then the WR came along. Life sure has changed :)

The progress of performance is incredible!!

One thing hasn't changed, big bikes eat rear tires and I am still in search of the elusive perfect rear tire.

Eric in WA

Anyone tried the new Dunlop 606?

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