To Mike in Silicon , how did the Stoney ride go


I understand you went with a budy solo (duo) to Stoneyford this weekend . How did it go without all mighty trail guide Monty. I am anxious to here how it went. Can't wait for the 30th. Let us know how your day went. Must have been fantastic weather.



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It felt like being part of the Stevie Wonder racing team not having Monty there! The weather was fantastic. We staged at Davis flats so it was all new terrain. We ended up riding about 65 miles. Man, am I sore. Not as bad as the time we went but definately more than from a weekend of watching football. Looking forward to Sunday. See you @ Bill & Kathy's at 7:00 +/-.

Still jealous. See you in two weeks.


Mike glad you had fun sounds like you had a good ride.If any of you guys want to come up sat, night you can camp with us we will have a fire and tell lies about ridding.See you guys on the 30th eaither way :)


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