Buying a bike this weekend???

Ok, here we go... I've been riding since I was 7yrs old, I am about to turn 28 on Aug. 4th and as a present to myself I'm buying a new bike... I've had Honda XR's from my: XR50, XR80, XR250 then since Honda didn't have a racing 4-stroke I went with a brand new '01 YZ426 and rode that from 21yrs old till 27yrs old, on tracks/trails/dunes...

I sold my '01 almost a year ago now and am ready to get back in the game... I'm a heavier than most @ 5'10" & 225lbs and still want something that is as powerful as my YZ was... The newest bike I've ridden is a '04 CRF450 and I loved it, even more so than my '01YZ426 for obvious reasons, so now with what I've read and heard through the grape vine is that the Yamaha's have less power down low and the Hondas are very powerful down low...

Question is: Which bike to buy? The '08 CRF450 or the '08 YZF450? I know what I like and I know how to make a slow bike faster but I'm looking for opinions as to what y'all think I should go for... In the end I'll get what I feel is the better bike but I like to hear thoughts and opinions from everyone... Thanks for reading...

Question is: Which bike to buy? The '08 CRF450 or the '08 YZF450?

Good question. I know the grass may look greener on the other side, but Yamaha's reliability is legendary. I'd have to stay blue (or white). :thumbsup:

Any new bike is going to be a big step up from your 426.

You asked in the blue section, so don't be suprised if you get all blue answers.

Honda just turn me off. Not sure if they still got valve issues, but the damage for me is done.

'08 might be the last of the 5 valve heads for yamaha too.

Well there no way you will get an 08 honda this weekend anyways. They arent even out yet, and they wont be out until atleast October-Novemeber.

You can't go wrong with either one. Both have excellent power, suspension, and detailing. If you need a bike NOW, go with the Yamaha, simply because they're available now. If you can wait, wait until the CRF's come out as well and try to test ride both bikes, THEN make your choice.

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