YZ450F Exaust Slump...

So heres my dillema...I bought a semi used pro-circiut 496 exaust for my 05' YZ450. I brought it home today to find that the bolt holes dont line up as they should. Im talkin bout less than a 1/8 in. Seems to be the right bend and configuration, slides on the mid-pipe just fine but wont line up with both holes. I got one in and if I clamp it it should work fine but why don't both line up? Is it a faulty pipe I bought or does the 250F model fit so simular it just looks the same? Im confused...any help would be greatly appreciated. I can add pics if you need em'. Let me know what all you experts think... :bonk:

wrong pipe....you need to get a WB AlumPRo2

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