Assimilated technology

Has anyone besides me noticed that the KTM company seems to buy out other companies just to rob their technology and then offer them for sale? I know thats business but I'm glad that Yamaha doesn't have to resort to those kinds of tactics.

Resistance is futile HGaither...You will be assimilated.

i hate to tell you this but ohlins was Yamaha owned but i think it's moved on.

I doubt Husaberg fans are too upset over the deal. The bike benefitted from better KTM suspension and chassis technology. 2000 Husabergs are probably most significantly revamped models in company's short history.

KTM IS selling Husaberg now that they have shared in all their engine know-how. But Husaberg got some marketing help and the bike got better ergos, suspension etc.

KTM's purchase of Hus was good for the them. Husaberg's were clearly ahead of their time however; their reliability left a lot to be desired for a 7k+ bike. KTM has made their bikes much more reliable will at the same time improving their own offerings. I'd love Yamaha to buy KTM/Husaberg so that their offerings have the extra details typically found on the euro-bikes.

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