"I hope that's me someday!"

I don't have anything too entertaining to add today, but I met an interesting mate today at work.

He's about 5'6", about 140 pounds (beautiful blue eyes! Smack, Just Joking) a hearing aid in each ear, totally white hair, coke bottle glasses and he's in his late 60's. He seemed just like your average Joe, until he asked me about the brace on my right arm. As soon as I mentioned a dirt bike accident, his eyes lit up.

He went on to show me some old battle scars and some not so old battle scars. You got it, not only does he still ride but he still races flat track. As we talked briefly about our excapades (spelling DUH?), I noticed an ever familiar twinkle in his eye and excitement in his voice that shouts out, I LOVE THIS SPORT!!!!. How refreshing it is to see an older gentleman still full of life and enthusiasm. Not that the late 60's is equivalent to being on your death bed or anything. I know a lot of older folks still know how to live, but here is someone I could really relate to.

Guess what his son races too...lets see he must be in his mid to late 40's. Cool, I must just be getting started. I hope when I'm his age I am talking and living in the present instead of what I did twenty years ago. If only we could all be so lucky.

I hope that's me some day! I LOVE THIS SPORT!!!!


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Man you're not kidding! I'll be lucky to be standing at that age!

Bryan, KerryT and I were at an intersection one day at Rampart Range (MC Park in mtns near Denver) gasping for air after 15 or so miles. Two guys pull up on XR250s just hooting and hollering! "Man this is great!" - "I've never had this much fun!" you know - really enjoying themselves.

Well, they pop off their helmets and show off bald and grey heads! These guys were easily in their 60's! I thought the same thing - man I hope I can continue to thrill myself at that age. Maybe it won't be dirt biking, maybe I'll be into water skiing, sky diving, bungi jumping or something completely new. It's all about living life through aggressive activity!

I also spent an evening this last weekend talking to a 55 yr old Enduro B rider. He's old enough for the seniors division, but like "beating up on the kids." I found myself asking questions a boy usually asks his father. How do you do this... What happens if you do this...

I hope that's me some day! I LOVE THIS SPORT!!!!


I concur, last summer I am riding at Mammoth Bar, and two 'old" guys on yz 400's show up. Since they see my Wr and my buddies YZ 400 they ask if they can join us on the trail. We replied of course. Thinking these guys would be behind throughout the trail, we started out slow. Well, they blew by us, waisted us, showed us stuff we never knew possible, and made us look like complete rookies. Man were they fast, could do everything better than us and hardly broke a sweat. Turns out after talking with them, they use to both race professionally in the late 60's and early 70's. One guy broke his collar bone/shoulder only two months prior racing at Marysville after casing a triple. Would I try a triple at 60. Hell no!!! He recovered and was out getting "back in Shape" Jack La Lane type apparently. Don't recall their names but my respect went up considerably. Hope I can rail like these guys when I am in my 50's and 60's.


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