Cycra Probend Alloy or Composite?

Hi All,

Its time for some handguards. What are your experiences with the Probends in alloy and composite? I ride almost exclusively desert.



Also, I will be at work so I won't be back to the computer till tonight so I won't be able to respond.

I just installed the alloy probends and took them to the mountains of Colorado. After all the rocks and trees I hit I had no probs with them turning in the bar or bending. Two guys in my party had Acerbis guards and they were both knocked loose during "get offs."

I don't know anyone who uses the composite handguards. I wouldn't trust the composite variety. I just ordered a new set of alloy probends to replace another brand handguards. I think they are the best handguards on the market right now.

I would also think that if you wanted them to last, the alloy ones would be the go. Just like exhausts!

I had the Acerbis plastic rally ones hit an embankment a about 25mph right hand guard exploded and earned a trip the hand specialist.

Then I installed cycra alloy probends they are indestructable! been years with no problems hit rocks trees, the ground no problem.

Desert does not put nearly as mush stress on the handguards as the mountians but when you need them you need them!

Thanks All. Looks like the alloy handguards will be on the way shortly.


I've run with a few different gaurds now and found the Cycra probend alloy to be bullet proof. If you want bomb proof use the Bonz bar mounts with them.

Ok, the Factory 909 saved my knuckles today..... i went down at 70+ mph on the freeway with my 909's today....... just held on, and they took most of the abuse. Yeah, i got some road-rash, but I was able to get up. lift my bike, and ride away.... thanks to those hand guards.


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