look out can't stop again.

Well you may have seen my earlier post on help i can't stop, buy this and buy that for my 00 WR400F, well check this out and you will think I'am crazy.

At the start of the year i got me and my son a bike

1 00 WR400 $ 5,650.00

2 00 TTR90 $ 2,000.00

Then last month i got a new 99 750 Suzuki Katana it was on the show room floor for 12 months so they gave me $ 1,200.00 dollars off, what really sold me it was BLUE.

3 99 750 Katana $ 6,800.00

Does not stop there, then 2 weeks ago i ordered a TTR 125L, because my son is out growing is new bike and i want him to start on a bigger bike.

00 TTR 125L $ 2,600.00

Well now the best is yet to come, my friend owns a Gas Gas shop and every so offen i get to try a new Gas Gas, well you gas right i got a Gas Gas 00 300 totally the best bike i ever had, 2 stroke that is,i still totally love my WR and will never give it up.

00 Gas Gas 300 $ 6,700.00 plus it's blue too.

I belive at this point I'am mental, but loving every sick min. of my life on the great plant earth, i have not added all this up, including 2,000.00 worth of gear and extras on my WR.

But i belive you only go around once in life and you better make it worth it, or you will never make it to the great motorcycle gods high in sky, when it comes your time.

Good night and god bless eveybody and also the motorcycle gods that have lead me on my path to motorcycle bliss.


2000 WR400F


I want a new WR400, my son wants a new TTr125L, my youngest son wants a PW 50, I need new gear, My friend wants a new 426, my wife could use an XR200. If you can pick up those items on your next trip to the bike shop for me and ship them out as soon as possible I would appreciate it. By July 30th would be great. If you really are "mental" you will do this for me. As you say, you only go around once in life. If you don't have any friends, I'll sign up. :)


[This message has been edited by Mike (edited 07-18-2000).]

William! If you really cared about the rest of us, you would buy us extra bikes too! I want a Ducati Monster 900 Chromo if your asking. I'll pitch in for the helmet.

It would make you feel less guilty for sure (actually you don't sound too guilt ridden!)



All I want is HIS JOB!!!

Im willing to re-locate to 49 states, minus kansas, :) so if you know of any openings where you work let me know.

P.S. No offense Kansas guys


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

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