BACK in the US - This week

Touching down 2:20pm Tuesday. Wont tell you the flight number as you may sabotage it.. :)

So, if any of you are from the Bay Area or close by and would like to get together this week, let me know.

Hi mitch monty this end did you have a XR600 and did you have a web site that talk about mitchsXR? just wandering i seen a web site a year ago and it was from the land down under it was real cool it show all the mods done to a XR.

thanks monty :)

Hey Monty,

Yes, that was me. Spent alot of Money on that bike Monty. more than I cared to remember. All up, probably over US$4,000 including some labour, but not much. The best part, a friend that worked at Redwood City KTM did all of it for me. The engine, suspension, etc... I loved that bike and a lucky chap ended up buying it.


I knew it had to be your web page from all the mods your doing on your WR400, keep up good the work, thanks



Let's hoist a few. Call me on my cell.

Mitch & Mike in Silicon Valley,

I can be persuaded to meet up for a pint or two.

Marin Brewing @ Larkspur landing? Name a night & time.

Just so Mitch's other posting - Marin Brewing Tuesday @ 7pm. I'm there. I'm 6'4", 250lbs w/blonde flat top.

On second thought, I'll just ask the hostess for the really loud, obnoxious Aussie - that's only if I can't here him before I hit the front door :)



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Do you still work at that lab were you can make the trick parts, like you did for your XR600? man that was a trick bike.Will you do the same things to your WR?


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