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Why do people become so passionate about a particular motorcycle brand. I guess it probably just means that they really love their bikes and the sport which is great. I have owned bikes manufactured by all the major Japanese manufacturers and have been happy with most of them. I would rate my 99 WR as the best bike I have owned to date although you would expect that with the technological advances being made within the sport. All dirt bike riders should at least acknowledge Yamaha's efforts in this area as we are currently seeing some fantastic four strokes being built as a result of the YZ/WR 400 revolution. I love my bike, however I don't really care what other people are riding as that is their choice. I wouldn't care if my riding buddies all rode ER185's, in fact I would probably prefer that as I could roost them even more than I do now. I hope all you guys in the US have a great ride in Moabe. I wish we could organise something simlar here in Australia. Hopefully the Sunny Corner rally in September will see some Australian guys from this site getting together. One other thing, BRING ON THE WR250 as high powered four stroke 250's are bound to be the next big thing in our sport. And guess which brand is about to revolutionise that arena of the dirt bike world.

Actaully, Honda started the modern revolution with the XR400 in '96. Then came the blue beast, then came the greatest woods bike ever...



'00 DRZ400

Hey GB,

how about the "Blue Light" for the blue bikes? It was almost like that last year as the place was a wash with wr's

I think it was Husaburg back in the early to mid 90s that stated the 4st revolution..

Honda just cashed in on it with a great TRAIL bike.. :)



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

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Here is the bike that started it all...


I've riden this thing, and believe me, it would SMOKE my WR in a drag race. Yeah, it's 600cc, but it was also from 1978.

Last I heard this bike lives in OZ. Any of you OZ guys seen it? It was for sale in Cycle News about a year ago for $50,000!

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