Clutch will not disengage - 03 YZ450F

I had to put in a new shift shaft so I put in new clutch plates too. The clutch lever pulls the cable, the clutch basket / plates loosen but the clutch is not disengaged.


Any ideas?


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Did you oil the plates?

When you say the clutch won't disengage, do you mean that you can't get the bike in gear, or that it won't sit still in neutral with the engine running, what?

I'm having this same problem with my trike. You can click it into gear but when you pull in the clutch to put the engine in neutral to shift again it doesn't work. What do you think the problem is?

When you pull in the clutch while going in gear it will stay in gear not neutral

When the bike is running and put in gear from neutral after pulling in the clutch lever it lurches and stalls. The clutch is not disengaging. When the bike is on the stand, not running, it seems to shift into all the gears. Also, the rear wheel will not move at all when the bike is in gear and not running with the clutch lever pulled back.

(Yes, I oiled all the plates)


Sounds like a cable adjustment problem. I recently ran into a similiar problem when I helped a fellow TTer put a new clutch in. After a few cable adjustments it worked perfectly.


>Adjustment, like he said. Too much free play.

> You used aftermarket plates that are too "squishy" when new. Some non OEM plates compress and rebound excessively when they're new. That puts too much friction on the plain plates. If this is the problem, it usually gets better in a while.

> Uneven spring pressure. Tilts the pressure plate.

> Notches in the basket fingers or boss splines.

Thanks for the replies

Okay other points I should have mentioned:

No free play (was already adjusted)

The lever action on the clutch lever is very hard, use to be smooth like butter

I also watch the pressure plate action, it was even

The clutch also has new springs.

I way over adjust the cable and lever to try to get it to clutch to disengage. The clutch arm is traveling a good distance. No change to the problem.

I thinking something got messed up when I replace the shift shaft but I can seem to figure it out. I plan on taking it a part again but want to be on the look out for the potencial problem. TIA...

Whose springs and plates are they?

IMO, Barnett springs are unnecessarily stiff, and are the cause of part of your problem. I have had experiences like yours with Barnett plates, as well. They got better after a couple of rides, but I don't use them anymore.

I choose, in order of preference;

Hinson/GYT-R (same stuff, different names)

OEM Yamaha

Yea, but I had put back the OEM springs and there was no change. The problem is not an issue of breaking in the clutch. I will be taking it a part to figure it out this weekend. Thanks...

Keep us posted.

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