SC, NC, GA riders...

If anybody is interested, we've got a group going to Manchester State Forest in Sumter, SC on Sunday. Just thought I'd put the word out...

I am in Charlotte- how far is that from Charlotte, do you know? Do you know of any info on the web- maps, trail info, etc? I would like to try it out sometime if it isn't too far, but I don't know about this weekend. It is suppose to rain all day Saturday and Sunday I think.

Stumpy, thanks for the invite. Is there a website for this place? What type of terrain is it?

Hey.....It might be on your way to Hilton Head...

Bonzai :)

the first link is to Manchester State Forest trail info and the second link is to the South Carolina Off Road Enthusiasts homepage. It has all the info about the SC trails and tracks. They are having a workday this saturday, so sunday ought to be perfect... weather permitting, of course.

Well I would have been interested but I had to work this weekend. Did you guys get rained out? I'm sure it was soggy out their. Maybe next time.


well y'all missed a great ride. The sand soaked up all of the rain we had on Saturday to provide as close to perfect dirt conditions as possible. No standing water, but we did get rained on a little bit throughout the day. The whoops were really bad, though. One of the loops has a lot of long, high speed, sandy straightaways and it hasn't been groomed in a long time. I put in about 60 miles when it was all over. I'll let y'all know when we will be going back again.

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